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Dragon Tattoos

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Dragon tattoos are powerful, ancient symbols that can represent many different strong qualities in the wearer. Depending on the type of dragon and your intent, the dragon tattoo can convey strength, power, luck, sexuality, fantasy, divinity, or wisdom. Both men and women wear dragon designs and they are some of the oldest and most popular tattoos.

A dragon is a magical beast found within the legends of almost every culture. In Europe, dragons are usually thought of as fierce monsters who guard stolen treasure, yet also symbolize liberty and leadership. In Asia, however (especially China, Japan, and Korea), dragons symbolize positive qualities such as purity, good luck, and the powerful forces of life, death and rebirth.
black tribal dragon tattoo
Black Tribal
Dragon Tattoo

fiery red european dragon
Fiery Red
European Dragon

black and grey dragon tattoo
Black & Grey
Dragon Tattoo

colorful chinese dragon
Colorful Chinese Dragon

Since dragon tattoos have so many powerful meanings and can be both gentle and strong, they are popular with both men and women. They are not for the faint of heart, though -- if you're going to wear a dragon tattoo, you should have a powerful personality to go along with it! (Unless maybe your tattoo is of a cute, cuddly baby dragon.)

Dragon tattoos for men are popularly worn on the shoulders and back, across part or all of his chest, on his belly, and along a calf. Dragon tattoos for women are popular along her backbone, on one shoulder, on her lower back, ribs, or ankle.

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