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Flower Tattoos

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The flower tattoo: What more feminine subject for a tattoo design could there be? Beautiful, vibrant, delicate, a flower can symbolize the very essence of womanhood and is also an attractive adornment. No wonder they're among the most popular subjects for tattoo designs amongst women and girls.

Flower tattoos can be almost any size and have almost any placement. Options range from a simple floral design on the ankle consisting of only a single blossom all the way up to a full rib or back piece, with flowers and vines wrapping around the body, accentuating one's womanly curves. Even a very small flower tattoo, which costs little money or pain, can draw attention to a physical feature you want to show off.
ankle flowers and vines tattoo
Ankle Flowers & Vines

Flower Rib Tattoo
Flower Rib Tattoo

tiny flower tattoo under chin
Tiny Flower Tattoo
Under Chin

sexy flower tattoo
Sexy Flower Tattoo

Before you actually get inked, you should think about your intentions. Do you want to attract a lot of attention? Then put your flower tattoo on a part of your body that is usually bare, and make it BIG! Or, if you want to keep your flower tat for only the eyes of a special someone, you can be more discreet in the size and placement. It's really up to you!

If you're a man looking for a nice gift for a woman for her birthday or Valentine's Day, why not get her a tattoo flower instead of a regular bouquet of flowers? They're inexpensive, sexy, and last a lifetime. Of course, it's a good idea to make sure she actually wants a tattoo, so try dropping some hints to find out BEFORE making that choice.
One thing everybody can agree on: flower tattoos are SEXY! ;) Try try one on your own photo, visit this flower tattoo website: flower tattoo

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