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Tribal Tattoos

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Tribal tattoo designs are probably the most popular tattoo style in the Western hemisphere, at least in the last few years. The craze for tribals has slowed down in some parts of the world, but is still going strong in many places. Why are tribal tats so sought-after by so many people? And what does it mean for a tattoo to be called "tribal," anyway?

The term "tribal," as commonly used in referring to tattoo designs, means tattoos that have distinctive curving, interweaving lines and lots of solid ink (usually black). Most often these are abstract designs, often customized to fit a particular body part, but any design or subject can be done in a tribal style -- they're not just simple patterns for the arm, chest, and lower back anymore! ;)
masculine tribal tattoo
Masculine Tribal Tattoo

feminine black tribal rose tattoo
Feminine Black
Tribal Rose

black tribal on male chest
Black Tribal
on Male Chest

sexy tribal unicorn tattoo
Sexy Tribal Unicorn
on Lower Back

By the way, the word "tribal" doesn't really have anything to do with the original tribal peoples who practiced the art of tattooing. Most likely, Westerners started calling them "tribals" because they had some resemblance to original tattoo styles like Samoan or Maori tattoos, with their thick black lines and shapes.

Why are tribal tattoos so popular? Well, why not? The tribal style is graceful and beautiful, and can be easily customized to fit the wearer's body type and personality. Tribals can be cute and cuddly, or exude raw power -- or anything in between.

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